Architecture studio, film project set in the Brisbane Northbank, Queensland University of Technology, School of Design Architecture Students: Luke Harrison, Tristan Clark, Sharlene Anderson, Mitchell Benham. Tutor: Lauren Horner. Studio Coordinator: Simone Brott.

“Intense” – Rive Noir

Award-winning film Rive Noir was well-received by viewers and the academic community. Here are some quotes from various places:

Text from the Film screening programme:
Rive Noir explores the film noir tradition, shot on-location in a dark urban space between high-rises and the river, sheltered by a highway. With an original score and striking cinematography, Rive Noir radically transforms the abandoned river’s edge through the production of an amplified reality ordinarily unseen in the Northbank.

Various Quotes:

There is an image showing the Northbank in relation to the city, buildings and light reflections in the water – these were the most stunning images in the film, and probably most people wouldn’t know that Brisbane has this beautiful urban dimension (let alone the notorious Northbank).

The images are marked in the film score as a heightened moments, and one could feel the raised tenor in the audience when these shots came into view…

Compelling movement, time and sound images. Synthesis of all three.

Outstanding cinematography.

A clear, compelling and complete archive.

A realist encounter with the site and the city.

Intellectually Energetic.

Careful, compelling and smooth editing and composition.